end of the world - how it can be

Throughout the history of mankind was called a lot of the exact dates of the upcoming end of the world.In particular, according to the calculations of Galileo Galilei, end of the world could come because disasters caused by abnormal Supermoon, back in 1795, and 1848 people were waiting with trepidation doomsday predicted by Romanian saint Kallinikos.November 24, 1993 has not come the day "Last Judgment," which supposedly was calculated by one of the leaders of the "Great White Brotherhood Yusmalos", named the prophet of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI Christos.

In late 2012 humanity will have another date when according to the calendar of the ancient Maya would end the cycle time.However, this forecast is calling in his time a stormy discussion, criticized sci
entists (a new version of the decryption showed that the cycle is not "end", and only replaced by another), and the owners of alternative knowledge.For example, the astrologers, carefully explore all the planets in the combination of the specified period of time, did not find anything that could point to a collapse of humanity.To have their say and physics responsibility that inhabitants of our planet is too early to worry about ...

Among the most likely causes of the death of the world's population, it is possible to identify the most frequently mentioned:
- global military actions with the use of biological and nuclear weapons;
- pandemic;
- overpopulation of the Earth and the resulting famine;
- large-scale environmental disaster and / or the growing climate change (including global warming or cooling), here it is possible to include the critical level of ozone depletion;
- the eruption of a supervolcano, for example, Yellowstone;
- comic threat: an asteroid collision or aggression on the part of foreign civilizations, and many other scenarios.

Scientists argue about what factors may be the most powerful in approaching end of the world, but agree on one thing - the exact date of his call impossible.

Who benefits from the news of the impending destruction of mankind

In 2012, when all over the world discussed the forecast supposedly encrypted in the calendar of the ancient Maya, not all did so with fear or panic.End of the World, which allegedly was expected on 21 or 23 December 2012, brought many new opportunities for enterprising people enrichment.For example, a very popular are such outlandish suggestions on how to book places in the underground bunkers, equity participation in the creation of the spacecraft with the subsequent delivery to the moon (or other celestial objects, which offers a "wait" Armageddon 2012), as well as tours to placeswhich allegedly can survive after the end of the world.

good chance to improve their financial situation got then and residents of the southern states of Mexico and Guatemala, and Honduras.After all, the interest of tourists to these regions, where once lived the ancient Maya, reached unprecedented heights.Local residents were preparing special trips to the preserved ancient buildings and colorful festivals staged in an effort to attract the attention of foreigners.However, it had to admit representatives of local authorities, many cultural and historical monuments have suffered, unable to withstand the influx of tourists.

known that sometimes the interest of the end of the world is artificially fueled by the media, preparing potential viewers to enter the screens of the next Hollywood blockbuster or a thriller.Enjoy it and charlatans - one offer to freeze the client's body after death and send it into space (a few to hundreds or thousands of years to revitalize and unfreeze), while others provide a powerful defense against any adversity, including the nuclear catastrophe of universal scale.