Ad text read: "We will pay 10 thousand pounds to the person who first cross the Atlantic Ocean from anywhere in the USA to anywhere in the UK or Ireland.This implies that a flight over the Atlantic can be made in any direction.The fee will be given to the pilot of any nationality.The plane on which he flew, perhaps as a British production, and the production of any other country in the world. "

first attempt to cross the Atlantic

In preparation for the flight involved several well-known at that time, aviation companies - Mareinsyde, Vickers, Sopwith and Handley Page.Each of the company decided to construct its own aircraft designed for this purpose.Due to the predominance of the Atlantic Ocean east wind, it was decided to make the flight from the American continent since the flight against the wind,
could significantly increase fuel consumption, the stock of which was difficult to place on board the aircraft.

May 18, 1913 with the Canadian island of Newfoundland started two crews of pioneers.The first crew of Spwith flew with the pilot Harry Hawker and Kenneth Mackenzie-navigator hryvnia.They can not be considered a successful attempt since it reached 850 miles up the coast, due to the fault of their plane crashed into the water.Luckily, the pilots took sail by the Danish ship "Mary."The next crew started the company in the face of Mareinsyde Fred R. Rayhema pilot and navigator S.U.F.Morgan even less fortunate.Their plane crashed during takeoff, and the pilots were immediately taken to hospital.A similar fate befell the crew of Handley Page, who started 2 months after the tragedy.

first conquerors of the Atlantic

Nearly a month after the first two attempts to cross the ocean of luck to the crew of the aircraft company Vickers consisting of pilot John Alcock and Arthur Whitten Brown navigator.Their heroic team also met with a number of difficulties which, however, they were able to overcome.The first of these was the problem of selecting a suitable site for the take-off, they were looking for a few days.Only June 14 aviators were able to take off.Their plane a long time to gain the necessary speed to get off the ground.Further pilots are almost seven hours were driving blind due to strong cloud.Then they got into a strong storm, but successfully passing her plane to 15th of close to the shores of Ireland.During landing the machine happened yet another unexpected situation - the wheels are stuck in the dirt runway and the nose buried in the swamp.The pilots escaped with slight shock.

So, flying 3,040 kilometers in 16 hours 28 minutes, the crew of John Alcock and Arthur Whitten Brown was the first to cross the Atlantic by air.Atlantic was finally and indisputably conquered!