Vsevolod III should be considered the real ruler, has a flexible practical mind.In childhood and adolescence as fate he happened to be in the Byzantine Empire, the southern Russian lands.Impressions, a lot of life's circumstances contributed to the formation and development of the abilities of the future Grand Duke expanded during his reign of Vladimir-Suzdal principality.
victory over neighbors Vsevolod Big Nest since the beginning of the reign loved residents of the territories under his control.Grand Duke often show kindness and gentleness.More than once it happened that the nobles and retainers were unhappy with his condescending attitude toward the enemy.
Vsevolod Big Jack was smart, hard ruler, acted cautiously and realize that North Russian boyars better not to enter into an open struggle.He tried to comply with the old Russian custom, in the decision of Zemsky questions the advice of his boyars.
Vsevolod sought to weaken the southern Russian princes, so forcing them to quarrel with each other, choosing not always worthy of modes of action.He even showed sometimes cunning, seeking to keep power in their hands.Prudence and caution manifested commander in battle.
Vsevolod even managed briefly to some extent subordinate to Novgorod.Before that any governor could not deprive the city-state autonomy and independence.Veche control maintained throughout all the years of Novgorod, the Chamber had the right to invite and expel princes.Novgorod began to ask for themselves princes Vsevolod.A wise ruler Vladimir principality, building relations with the boyars of Novgorod, was considered with his desires.The main thing for the Prince - preservation of peace in the Russian land, and not the desire to subjugate Novgorod.
Vsevolod Big Jack had wisely to build relationships with Byzantium, Volga Bulgaria, Kipchaks.Smooth, quiet due maintained relations with Byzantium.Eastern policy of the prince, the conquest of the territories of Volga Bulgaria were determined only trade goals.Vsevolod sake of common interests could unite the Russian princes against the common enemies.Subjecting Ryazan, Smolensk principality, he assumed the duty of the defense of the conquered lands.
Polovtsi considered dangerous neighbors of Russia, for several centuries, worrying southern borders.Vsevolod sometimes spoke to him, taking the military campaigns against the Volga Bulgaria.But the constant destruction of the southern borders of the nomads became an occasion campaigns against the Polovtsian.Protecting native land and peace residents were very important for the Russian ruler.
Prince Vladimir tried to unite under his authority all the territory of Russia.But I prefer to do that rather than military action as a peaceful way.
Vsevolod Big Nest - ruler, diligently engage in economic affairs, hypocrisy to judge.In his spare time, military campaigns, he rode subservient land, collecting tribute justly examining litigation.Prince followed closely by strengthening border territories: when it erected a new citadel, tinker with the old fortress walls.Reviving the city, which became a victim of fires and other damage.When it is not only updated the old temples, but built new.For example, Vladimir was erected church of the Nativity of the Virgin, the Assumption and the famous Demetrius church in honor of St. Demetrios (Dmitry - the name of the Grand Duke at baptism).
Vsevolod Big Nest - North Russian prince exemplary family man.God was endowed with numerous descendants: had eight sons and four daughters.His wife Maria, Alanian princess, was a devout, engaged in charity.Vsevolod and Princess distinguished hospitality, and orphaned relatives persecuted Mary could always find them shelter and affection.After the death of the couple who had a lot of grandchildren Prince entered into a second marriage.According to custom, the Grand Duke of ancestral lands divided among his sons.In this state, he showed poor judgment.
Vsevolod Big Jack died in 1212 grams and was buried in the Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir.