GDP Gross domestic product is an important key quantitative indicator of economic development, which is used worldwide for summarizing the state of economic activity, as well as its pace and level of development.The combination with other indicators allows the use of GDP for the characterization of various aspects of the economy and the analysis of fluctuations in her situation.In the absence of more appropriate indicators of income and wealth, GDP is a "litmus test" the standard of living of the population.

GDP as an indicator of the well-being of residents is considered a compromise solution, commonly used
in international practice.

Usually for the calculation of GDP using two methods.The first is a summation of all the economic income of the state - namely, wages, rents, profits and interest on capital.The second is the sum of all incurred expenses on consumption, investment, net exports (minus imports), and government purchases of goods and services.In theory, the result of these calculations should be equal in both cases, since the costs of economic relations on the one hand - it is always income for the other side.


US gross domestic product by far the biggest in the world, and the economy of the country - it is the largest economy on the planet.The year before, America's nominal GDP amounted to 15.811 trillion dollars, surpassing all other countries.In 2014, experts expect GDP growth of 3.5% in the US, whereas in 2015, according to them, the US GDP will grow by another 3.7%.

In terms of per capita GDP in the United States in 2012 amounted to 49 601 USD, which is the sixth place in the world.

At different times, the share of US GDP is gradually increased, the fall - so, in 1800, its size does not exceed 2% of the world economy, and by 1900 it had increased to 10%.In 1945, the US GDP was more than 50% (due to the recovery of post-war devastation), but by the end of 1960 it dropped to 26.7%, and yet continues to remain at about the same level.With regard to the division of the US gross domestic product by economic sector, then there is the greatest figures provides the service sector (79.6%), while industry and agriculture produce GDP of 19.2% and 1.2%, respectively.