Genetic engineering

Genetic engineering is a new biotechnology tool that allows you to obtain the desired quality of the body through manipulation of genes and their introduction in other organisms.Production of genetically modified crops, vegetables and grain, the production of human insulin, development of new breeds of animals and new species of plants - all results of the application of genetic engineering.

Loud genetic experiments

eat a banana, and at the same time be vaccinated against hepatitis B?Indian scientists recently published their work on the creation of this kind of bananas.At the same time it was conducted similar experiments with other fruits and vegetables, but in the end the choice was stopped on bananas.A new variety of banana is the bearer of an attenuated strai
n of the virus of hepatitis B. According to the scientists, once in the body, along with a sweet treat, the virus must cause a corresponding reaction of the body and contribute to the formation of immunity.

went even further British researchers who offer to cure cancer chicken eggs!A special breed chickens, whose genes are mixed with human, in his body contains protein, which is an anti-cancer drug.Thus, the eggs that comprise a large part of the protein, can completely replace the expensive anti-cancer drugs.

known that none of the artificial milk formula for babies are not able to replace breast milk, giving it both useful and nutritional properties.Chinese geneticists conducted an experiment, the result of which was the emergence of cow's milk, is almost identical to the milk of nursing mothers.Adding cloned human genes into the DNA of cow embryo was intended to bring a new breed cows that give "human" milk.

cow gives "my mother ''s milk and goat - milk and silk!An American scientist has allocated spider gene responsible for the creation of a web of threads and crossed it with the genome of the goats.As a result, goats born from goats that have preserved the gene responsible for the production of silk.

Cole, killing insects scorpion venom, is not an invention of science fiction, but the result of the work of Chinese geneticists.Fish, which is growing by leaps and bounds - the result of an experiment to introduce the gene into the body of salmon of two genes: the rapidly growing chinook and burbot, growing at any time of the year.As a result, we get a view of the salmon, which is twice the size of normal and growing twice as fast, and this variety of fish is officially approved for use in food.

All these have become well-known genetic experiments were designed to make human life better and more convenient by providing it with cheap and easily obtained Food and Drug Administration.However, scientists are still arguing about how dangerous these experiments and what unintended consequences in the future they may lead.