official position of the first man in the public television called "CEO of the autonomous non-commercial organization" Russian Public Television "."Behind him is fixed and functions of the chief editor.Appointment of the head of the new channel should carry out his decree President of the country - such a rule is included in the law that in the second half of July 2012 approved the Federation Council of Russia.However, choosing this man the president should not, at its discretion, and from the list that represents the Public Chamber, established
in 2005 for a better interaction between public associations with the authorities.The Public Chamber has compiled a list of 75 candidates for the position and secret ballot by the rating cut it to 25 persons.The list was submitted to the President of Russia, which on July 18 issued a decree appointed Director General of the Public Television of Russia Anatoly Lysenko.All the other candidates from the "list of 25" became a member of the governing body of the new channel - its board.

Anatoly Lysenko - President of the International Academy of Television and Radio, as well as professor at the Higher School of Economics.He was 75 years old, during the Soviet era Anatoly more than 20 years working in the youth edition of the Central TV, including the head of the program "Vzglyad" and deputy editor.From 1990 to 1996 he was head of VGTRK, and then served as chairman of the media in the Moscow Government.Lysenko was awarded three medals, was awarded the State Prize, and has the title of Honored Artist.

Led by Anatoly Lysenko television broadcasting should start from 1 January 2013 year.August set aside to form a team, and in the fall plans to create pilot programs.A distinctive feature of the Public Television should be a lack of advertising and the independence of any State or political authorities.While in the initial period of his work is scheduled to public funding of the new channel.