History of the Library of Congress base

Founded at the beginning of the XIX century, the Library of Congress was originally located in the Capitol building in Washington.But her archives gradually grew and expanded, so she later moved to another building.His second name was in honor of the library of Thomas Jefferson.It was his personal collection of books formed the basis of the library fund.

Founded Library of Congress was in April 1800, when US President Adams signed legislation to transfer the capital to Washington from Philadelphia.One of the points of law provid
ed for the allocation of funds needed for the purchase of books relevant to the Congress.It has also allocated a special room for the stacks where the first entrance was open only the top officials of the United States.

Library constantly updated with new editions.By the mid 60-ies of the XIX century, its funds were nearly a hundred thousand volumes.In those days it was, however, not too much, if you take into account the size of major European libraries.Soon, the United States government passed a law according to which a copy of any of the new edition, which appeared in the country, necessarily had to be transferred to the Library of Congress. At the end of the XIX century the door of the library opened to the ordinary citizens.

The largest library in the world

subsequently were built three new buildings for the Library of Congress, two of them are raised on Capitol Hill.Today in this world's largest repository of books contains more than one hundred and thirty million items, which include paper books, handwritten works, cartographic materials, music, photographs, video and audio.It affects the linguistic diversity of library materials: There are about four hundred seventy languages.

Get access to the library's collections can be any person who has attained the age of sixteen.Here are just using the archives stacks can only indoors.A lot of them library reading rooms equipped with eighteen where can fit almost one and a half thousand people. Only certain categories of readers have a right to make a book out of the building.This Supreme Court judges, members of Congress and some other officials.

Each year the Library of Congress visited by more than one and a half million people.To serve the readers, the library has an impressive staff of employees - more than three and a half thousand.It provides a comfortable reading rooms, in the silence that you can safely dive into reading books and studying archival materials.Of course, the Library of Congress - the greatest national treasure of the American people and objects of cultural heritage.