Each of us in childhood had a teddy bear.Not every child's toy can boast the exact day of his birth.On October 27, the Scandinavian countries, the United States and Great Britain celebrate the day the teddy bear.In Russia, this day is celebrated on November 19.Today, soft teddy bear - one of the most widespread throughout the world of children's toys.Among adults, the beast also finds its admirers.
in Russia before the revolution toys in the form of bears were made of wood - Bogorodskoye toys or ceramics - Gzhel, Zvenigorod, Dymkovo.Such toys manufactured craftsmen.Teddy bears, like porcelain dolls were first imported from abroad, and not every family can afford them.

first teddy bear appeared in Russia in 1908.However, not ju
st overseas visitor came to taste Russian.In our country, the bear has always been considered a symbol of Russia.Special Russian bear coloring was due to its national status.From olden times there was a different way of Bear: Michael Potapich - sort the forest bumpkin, strong and kind.Even small details Russian teddy bear does not like his American brother.

In 1930 Zagorsk Toy Institute received an unusual order: to develop the technology and begin production dissimilar to Western counterparts of the Soviet bear.Before the war, the production did not have time to turn around, and mass production of the Soviet bear began in the 50s.This bear represented the power and strength of the Soviet Union.It is made of black or brown plush, stuffed with cotton wool, wood shavings or sawdust.
Today teddy bear - one of the most widespread throughout the world of children's toys, which is already more than a hundred years since the advent of triumphant marches its soft paws on the planet, leaving very few people indifferent.But even adults are not indifferent to the teddy bears, often cherish your soul mate for life, do not think of parting with it.For more than a hundred years, various specialists are unsuccessfully trying to explain the phenomenon of a teddy bear.Can a teddy bear for adults symbol of happy childhood days, the memory of departed parents and dear past.