For virtually the whole period of existence of the Russian Federation, namely - 23 October 1991, on the territory of our country acted decree of the Council of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR "On regulation of calculating time on the territory of the Russian Federation."This regulatory act establishes the annual introduction of summer time, and the order and the date of transition to it must have been determined in accordance with the requirements of the UN Economic Commission for Europe.

cancel the annual transfer of arrows

In 2011, then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a law that abolished the practice of translation arrows on the clock.However, this legal act was signed in June, that is already after March 27, 2011 the inhabitants of the country moved their clocks to daylight saving time.

Thus, the Federal Law № 107-FZ of June
3, 2011 "On the Calculation of Time" is actually secured on the territory of Russia standing summer.As the main factor that caused the failure of the double annual transfer clock hands, called the negative impact of the change of the time mode on the human body, resulting in an increase in morbidity and mortality of the population.

discussion on the temporary regime in Russia

however, taken several years ago to be called uniquely popular: he has found a lot of enemies.The main argument that is usually put forward to challenge the legality of fixing the daylight saving time in the country, is the continuing effect of the so-called daylight saving time.

fact that in 1930 a special decree of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR on the territory of the republics was introduced a temporary mode, one hour ahead of standard time.Although in 1991 the effect of this decree was canceled about a year later, the time mode has been restored in Russia.

The introduction of summer time actually represents an increase of one more hour to standard time: thus, the residents of the Russian Federation are two hours ahead of the lap time.In this regard, in recent years, periodically there are proposals for a return to winter time.

Currently, the draft law, securing the country's transition to a permanent winter, passed by the State Duma in the third reading.In the case of entry into effect of the actual time in Russia will be close to the waist.