present industrial and household "revolution" occurred after people began to use electricity.An automation, that is, most of the human resources replaced various devices.
Automation of production processes has led, in particular, to increase productivity and reduce production costs.This is due to the widespread introduction of the automated systems of planning, design and management of any process, as well as the use of automated machine tools with program management instead of "manpower".Cost reduction, in turn, led to a decrease in selling prices for the most diverse products.If still relatively recent, many kinds of home appliances were very expensive and were available
only to well-endowed men, but now they can be found in almost every household.
Automation can improve the quality of products, fully or partially release the person from direct involvement in production, hazardous to their health.However, where the requirements of technological regulations requires special precision and sterile cleanliness (for example, certain activities related to the space industry, production of high purity reagents, etc.), are trying to implement fully automated, with no human intervention.
Automatic increasingly covers the advertising and tourism, and trade.Until relatively recently, in order to buy a ticket to the theater, train or plane, it was necessary to be in cash, and stand in line.Now there are many sites on the reservation and sales of tickets, working around the clock.The same can be said about the payment of travel packages, various utilities, fees, goods in shops.Automation makes it possible to do so without leaving home, having only access to the Internet.
This is not a complete list of the enormous changes that have brought into our life scientific and technological revolution, one of the main features of which is the automation.Even people with a rich imagination can hardly predict what other "surprises" we will present automation in the coming years, the more than a decade.Perhaps in the future a person will not have to go to work, perform household chores, as for it will all be done by robots.But this is only speculation.