Leaf departure has two sides.And you have to fill them both.The form of such a document is approved and ready to be filled.You just have to register in the designated fields all the necessary information.First, on separate lines write the name, first name and patronymic.After the date of birth should be.
next field - "nationality."Write the information that is affixed in your passport.Especially since each country has its own national passport.
required in the leaflet departure is necessary to register details about the place of your birth.On the form, even given the options that it can be.Preferences for the string, for
example, if the city, the city, if in the village, the village, and write its full place name.Then emphasize their sex.
Now go to the description of the place where you are registered, ieregistered earlier.Here you need to specify the city and the full address, including accommodation buildings, structures, etc.Next is required is the information about where exactly you moved.It also details how to write - if the village its name, the village - the same as other options.And if you're in the new village had to move, then it is also necessary to make a mark in a piece of departure.The same applies to the case if you have changed the personal data (name, first name, and others.)
Now turn the piece and fill the downside.Here you need to specify the details of the document that certifies your identity.Typically, it is a passport.
If you have moved and the children, the more you need to provide information on them (only for children under 14 years).However, the information should not be so detailed as you.Migration officials are interested only in their surname, first name, date of birth.
Now fill the field "leaflet is drawn up" and have it checked by an employee of the FMS.It should endorse the document with his signature and dozapolnit those fields that relate to his office.Then you can be considered officially registered and taken into account in the new place of residence.