Sambo Sambo - a kind of martial arts, which combines several areas of martial arts.Most used elements taken from volnoamerikanskoy struggle, French and English boxing and Greco-Roman fight.In a broad sense Sambo - a combination of western techniques to judo and jujutsu. There are two types of Sambo - sport and combat options.

Who is Basil Oschepkov

Vasily Oschepkov long studied martial arts in China.It is this athlete "brought" judo in the USSR.Arts eastern fight he instilled in military training in the army, promoted among students and used as a key element in the training of workers whose activities were directly related to the protection and safety.

classic judo Vasiliy Oschepkov added techniques from other martial arts.In addition to the art of European c
ombat, a new form of traditional Japanese martial arts were no rituals, modified uniform soldiers and replaced some additional elements.For example, instead of the mat began to use a soft carpet. Quite often Sambo attributed the name of another Soviet athlete - VA Spiridonov.However, despite the common cause - the development of improved programs of self-defense, schools and Oshchepkova Spiridonov - a so-called competitors.

Contribution to Vasily Oshchepkova Soviet sport

Creator Sambo Vasily Oschepkov popular not only in Russia.Russian athlete hit the Japanese their abilities and achievements.The fact that less than one year judoka was able to get 2-dan from the hands of the most famous teachers Kodakana.The Japanese press Vasily Oshchepkova called the "Russian bear".

After returning to Moscow, the athlete was able in a short time passionate about the art of wushu, judo and sambo huge fan of martial arts.At the moment only in the Primorsky Territory there are nearly three thousand professional Sambo.

As a thank you to the great athlete in the sports complex "Olympian", located in Vladivostok, a few years ago was a monument to Vasily Oschepkov.The grand opening was timed to the 120th anniversary of one of the most famous Sambo.

noteworthy that originally appeared in the USSR Sambo as an amateur club for fans of martial arts.At the moment, it is a martial art is not only one of the most popular, but also among the international sports.