course, do it just will not work - will have to change his view of the surrounding reality, thinking, behavior.But it's worth it!Psychologists say that people perceive the world as something friendly and original "good", is much happier than those who think differently.

friends with nature

It is not just about love for "smaller brothers" and caring for green spaces, look at this much broader.Try to accept the idea that much of the world is because it should be done.This also applies to cyclical natural phenomena and weather changes, and ... human relations.For the latter characterized by quarrels and reconciliation, jealousy, separation, and meetings - all natural, natural phenomenon.

can try to do this exercise.Go to your favorite pa
rk or street, especially sweet to your heart, but not on a fine day, and when the "good boss dog on the street did not expel."Think about that, but nature does not spoil you the sun and heat, this place is still loved you.Think of what it is in the best days.It is so still a lot of times, you only wait.

Make friends with others

worse do you think about the people, the worse they treat you - it's the law "reflection."Another known effect of "standby" - if you expect bad - you get it the worst.So better to expect from the people and to communicate with them only good.We should not forget about caution and disregard sound principles of safety - but this should not prevent the establishment of good relations.

Do not hesitate to ask about the services, do not wait until close guessed that you need.Ask openly and do not forget to thank sincerely when your request is fulfilled.Sami also do not miss a chance to do a good deed - in return you also get help, maybe from other people and in other situations - is also a law of "reflection".

Make friends with parents

Think about times when the actions of parents influenced your perception of the world - it may be a divorce, unsubstantiated claims or excessive demands in relation to you, physical punishment.Think of the situation in detail, "have lived" it again, and then put yourself in the place of mom or dad and answer for them all their questions, expressed once your ears - it will help to better understand the motivations of parental behavior, to realize that evilintent they are likely not.

Talk with your "inner child", which continues to live even in the adult, give him warmth, affection, attention, tell them how good it is and what it can be like.

friends with destiny

Focus on the "gifts" that she presents to you.Let it be little things, but by learning to ignore them, you make sure that your life takes a lot of good.Events

negative character, of course, will also take place - there's no getting around it.But try to find advantages in any situation.It does not matter if at first they are too full of bitter irony - your subconscious mind gradually learns to "believe" that in any situation you can find something useful.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure to dream - the idea, as you know, it is material, and dreams are quite capable to materialize, especially if they fervently believe.