ancient predictions

Doomsday expected since ancient times.The most anticipated was the 666 year - the biblical legends, is a combination of numbers is the "number of the beast" symbolizing the devil.By the same token the date of Armageddon was chosen 999 years.The early Christian communities preached doomsday and staged mass pilgrimage.End of the 1st century AD and the onset of 1000 was defined as the end of the world or the Qumran sect, the Essenes, to preach in Judea.Sentiment Qumran embraced many people, and this time was filled with panic and death waiting ambulance.Another expected Judgement Day was offensive in 1033 - the millennial anniversary of the birth of Christ.
At all times there were various explanations for the end of the world - from re
ligious-based interpretation of the Bible, to research related to the parade of planets, eclipses, geomagnetic disturbances and flares.

Middle Ages and modern times

For several centuries of progress and technological development of mankind has experienced many "end of the world".The famous Florentine painter Sandro Botticelli engaged not only in art, but also predictions.Artist experienced ups and downs, he suddenly became famous and received many orders, but was soon accused of heresy, and the end of life lived in extreme poverty.All this is reflected in his world - Botticelli believed that living in the "time of trouble" and predicted the end of the world in 1504.The famous explorer Christopher Columbus also left his "Book of Prophecies", where he wrote about the future and, in particular, the predicted end of the world in 1658.Another popular date - 1666 - has also been linked with the already mentioned "Number of the Beast."In 1774, the expected parade of planets with Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Moon.Theologian Eelco Alta, studying the Bible, astronomical phenomena connected with the onset of the world.Another cosmic omen - Supermoon 1795 - it has been described by Galileo Galilei.The scientist found that this phenomenon will cause severe geomagnetic disturbances and lead to irreversible consequences.
most plausible end of the world will happen in 5 billion years - then the sun will exhaust its energy, becomes a red giant and engulf the Earth.

Our days

not count the number of "doomsday" expected recently.For example, in 1900, it held a large-scale self-immolation of members of the Russian sect "Red Death" - so sectarians tried to protect themselves from the predicted end of the world.But ten years later there was a meeting of the Earth with Halley's comet, a planet has passed through its tail.Many feared radiation poisoning and death awaited mankind.Modest pediatrician from Italy Elio Blanco suddenly become a preacher, he predicted the end of the world in 1960.He built an underground shelter and found a lot of followers.At the end of the world influenced by the expectation of even literary works.For example, many seriously expect the onset of Armageddon in 1969 - this date was specified by Ray Bradbury's short story "Tomorrow is the end of the world."If we talk about the last time, that many feared 1999, 2000 and 2001 - it was connected with the end of the millennium.One of the most famous "doomsday" was December 21, 2012 - this date is supposedly predicted by the Mayan calendar.