the more difficult to come up with the band name.This band is likely are Vkontakte or other similar networks.Therefore, the title should fulfill several functions: to attract the attention of the target audience - the people who have come into the group ;not scare them;as closely as possible to transfer the concept of the group, ie: what it is dedicated to whom it is intended, what goals and so on.The name should be beautiful as possible, because we are talking about girls.
Of course, all of these factors are very difficult to take into account all this is very difficult to express in one word, one sentence, one sentence.Though often happens that the name of the group tak
es a few lines in a row, the title is usually the condensed form: because it is easier to read.Therefore, when choosing the name proceed from this.Examples of names without knowing the specifics of the group result difficult.
can arrange a survey to the group itself, yet it has only your acquaintances or friends while in itself promote the group (if you need all this is the promotion) is not opened.Ask what name they would give the group?You can advance a list of possible names and suggest to friends to choose the best, thus forcing them to join the discussion.Collective Intelligence always solve the puzzles faster.
necessary to choose a general "tone" of the title.Now very often "glamorous" titles, as in itself a glamor fashion.You need it or not - the choice is yours.If the content of the group will comply with this name, why not?But if you intend to discuss serious things, and will call group in the best traditions of glamor, then you just do not understand.If you want to be serious, be that way.Yes, and you can not only have fun, "glamorous".
Be in the group name their individuality.No need to make the tracing paper with the names of other people groups.However, the stick still bend to not look like you, "showing off."Everything should be in moderation.Capture the essence of the group is clearly having fun, that there was nothing more.Clearly adhere to the theme you have chosen.No need to "spread the idea of ​​the tree" and push in the name of all those mikrotemy that you discuss with her friends.Choose one - and it's one woven let all the other topics of conversation.