Think of all the unpleasant situation that happened to you in life.Analyze what were your personal mistakes, and where circumstances were not the best way, and your guilt is not in trouble.Make conclusions for themselves in the future, the best way to deal with such cases, and forget about what happened failures.Just stop to think about it or even remember.Imagine that these troubles happened to someone else, and you just happen to be a casual witness and watch them from the sidelines.Delete from its past all negative.
Stop to share with relatives and acquaintances negative memories.If you are someone reminds unpleasant moments of your life, ignore the comments and switch the topic of conversation.The
re are occasions when someone deliberately wants to withdraw from the peace of mind and pain, pointing to past mistakes and problems.You can laugh it off in such situations, a catch phrase from the category of "it was not me," thus showing his indifference to the remarks of the interlocutor.Forget about the complaints and avoid accusations and manipulations in the address.
not dramatize the situation.Get rid of feelings of guilt and regret.Think of all the unpleasant events of life as a necessary experience that will help in the future to avoid new errors and problems.Take a look at the vicissitudes of the past as in the training of their behavior in an emergency.At the moment, all the preparatory work is finished and begins the real life.It's time to make new discoveries and achievements, as well as to transform their reality, makes her happy and successful.
Remember all your dreams, consider what, in principle, may be enforceable, and set a goal to implement them.Imagine if all your life you are going to to realize these plans.At this stage, all of the major difficulties has passed and you are half way to success.Enrich your life dreams and goals.
Remember all your pleasant moments of life when you were happy with themselves and coincidence.Create in your mind a clear chronology of its successful past to exclude all the negative chain of events.In communicating with friends and acquaintances mention only the positive aspects of his life experiences.Soon you will notice that others are beginning to perceive you as a successful person, and your past becomes quite different features.There is no room left bitterness and pain, but only a mass of bright and pleasant memories.So it is possible to rewrite the life of a sad succession of mistakes and failures on the road to the dream and the future well-being.