Citizenship.The first thing you need to know - it is possible to obtain a residence permit and citizenship.There are a number of countries, citizens of which may be only by birth, but not to buy.Also, in some countries there are restrictions on the entry of persons from certain countries.
climate.You also need to pay attention to the climatic conditions of the country.After all, climate affects not only a comfortable stay, but also largely on the state of human health.He also leaves a significant imprint on the weather conditions and creates certain flora and fauna.It is necessary to make sure whether it is safe to stay in the country or whether it is subject to periodic natural disasters.
language.An important aspect in the choice of place of residence acts as the national language.Since in this country for a full life will be necessary to communicate with the locals, future colleagues, representatives of trade and services (salesmen, doctors, teachers, etc.), The knowledge of the local language will be helpful.There are, of course, respect the universal language, for example, if you choose from the former Soviet Union, the Russian language here can act as such, and for the Americas and Europe, it will be the English tongue.
employment and education.Since no country is selected for your holiday and accommodation, will not be superfluous to find out the terms of service of education in it, and see how your paid profession and will take into account the already existing education.If the move is planned with the child, should find information about the presence or absence in this country of the Russian-speaking school for him.
housing.Of course, the first time you can stay in a hotel or rent a house, but property prices should also be considered at least in the long term future purchase.
level of medicine.Diseases can overtake and abroad, so you should consider the health care system, the conditions of the provision of health services, their quality, cost and availability.It is better to learn about and epidemiological background.
Religion.Representatives of different religions is rather difficult to coexist harmoniously.It is not a rejection of faith, and in the features of each of them.Each religion has its own traditions and customs, certain rituals, and even a lifestyle that others can be inconvenient or not clear.
economic conditions.When planning a happy life in a new country, you need to pay attention to its economic position.Is there no crisis in the country and financial problems, and because it will affect your ability to live, anyway.The stability of the economy and ensure a stable life.
Security.This is an important factor.The country is constantly involved in military conflicts or standing on the threshold of political upheaval is not ideal for a quiet life.
rules and laws.Different countries - different laws and regulations.Make sure how the legal side of accommodation for you, whether you all understand it."Ignorance of the law is no excuse", so all the prohibitions and restrictions to better understand in advance to suddenly not to make trouble with the law in the new country.