Wilhelm Reich has not been spoiled by life.He spent his childhood in Austria-Hungary.Father of the psychologist was an extremely powerful man, stick to the pro-German nationalist views and critical attitude to any manifestations of religiosity.From an early age Reich in connection with prohibitions of his father was unable to fully communicate with their peers, most of whom were Jews and Ukrainians.Mother after a stormy family problems committed suicide a few years later it was not his father and brother, who were victims of tuberculosis.

Features of education have left their mark on the character of William.His lifelong
lacked warmth, softness and flexibility of mental behavior.As a result, he became a man, which contrasted temper, often quarrel with others, finding a common language with them and not trying to be compliant in the relationship.

But Reich had excellent intelligence.No wonder it is recognized from the first disciples of Sigmund Freud.A year after training Reich opened his own successful medical practice.But personality traits made themselves felt.Reich quickly quarreled with many colleagues, including the famous teacher.The fact that William was extremely committed to his beliefs and remained steadfast in their views, are considered the only true.

views of scientists at the time were revolutionary.Reich made an attempt to combine psychoanalysis with Marxism, which caused dissatisfaction with Freud.Needless to say, that no supporters of psychoanalysis, nor the adherents of orthodox Marxism, these ideas have not found support.In subsequent years, Reich moved away from communist ideology, because they do not find it focus on human values.

Disappointed ideology that focuses on social transformation of society, Wilhelm Reich fully switched to psychoanalysis.They had justified a new method in psychology, then laid the basis of body-oriented therapy.According to the scientist, the man has two kinds of "armor" - the psychological and body which reflect the protective reaction of the individual.And Reich very skillfully diagnosed psychological characteristics and problems of the patients, using his technique.

Characteristic of Wilhelm Reich extreme radicalism views made him persona non grata in countries that opted for a scientist residence.In the late 30-ies of XX century, he settled in the United States.Fascinated by his discovery of another so-called "orgone energy," Reich began to look for confirmation of his findings by building devices on rainmaking and treatment of cancer.This could not lead to a conflict with the authorities and the scientific community.As a result, Reich books were banned, and he was put on trial.

At the hearing of his case Raich with his usual intemperance said he did not consider judicial board competent in dealing with scientific issues.For such disrespect for justice scholar was sentenced to two years in prison, where he died a few months later from heart disease.

But after Reich's death, his followers and opponents continued to argue about the legitimacy of his scientific approach to the explanation of "unexplained" phenomena of the psyche.Over time, he lifted the ban on his work, but in the Russian translation of books Reich appeared only at the end of the XX century.Founder of body-oriented therapy is still considered the crazy science fiction, the scientific genius, far ahead of his time.