handkerchief as a fashion accessory first appeared in Italy during the Renaissance, and then became widespread in France, Germany and Spain.During the XVI-XVII centuries scarves is a decorative addition to the suit.As a hygienic supplies handkerchiefs used from the XVIII century, and only in the XIX century, are subject to all necessary.

by Peter I, introducing European culture, along with the hairstyles and clothes, handkerchiefs also introduced a special decree.In Russia, they were called "fly" and approved the standard 40 to 40 sm.- across the width of the loom.His pants were imported from muslin, lawn, gas.His pants were richly decorative products, decoration for princely and boyar costume.Such a suit shilsya heavy patterned velvet, brocade, satin with large symm
etrical patterns.He had a unity of volume and sedentary, so fly with its light and airy had a special significance, complementing figurative and plastic operation of ancient Russian clothes.

boyaryshnya girl, holding his pants, demonstrating their skills.Character patterns shirinok was in tune with the elements ornamental decoration and cheerfulness inherent in Russian culture of the XVII century.
All sorts of embroidered and fringed equipped cambric and silk handkerchiefs continued to play an important social function.They were sprayed with perfume and purposely dropped to the gentleman could raise them and waved after wiping tears, ladies scarf waving in the heart armored knight, and a handkerchief as a sign of consecration flaunted on the sleeve of the Catholic hierarchy.

Embroidery beautiful ornamental stripe located on the edges of the handkerchief, she performed with colored silks, gold and silver threads and pearls.All the contours of the figure embroidered silk brownish-black shades, and in the flowers and leaves embroidered with bright, rich silks of azure, crimson, green, softly shimmering gold and silver.In addition, all the ornament-decorated mustache curls.Changes in the social structure in the XIX century determined a new direction in the development of art and fashion.
At all times of its existence, this trendy little thing like a handkerchief, reflects the state of society, decorative art and fashion.Thanks to the talent and skill of embroidery small piece of tissue often became an exquisite work of art.