Stockings emerged about two thousand years ago, and the first mention of them peeped fashion historians in Byzantium.Colored and patterned, woolen and silk - this accessory is a long time to knit.Machine production came much later.In the Middle Ages, each man wore stockings, tying their laces to the lower belt, which ended with the Basques their lower jackets.When the end of the XVI century, invented the first machine stocking, stockings became much more interesting.Especially elegant looking ones embroidered with silver and gold thread on the ankle.Just at this time began to wear stockings and women.Ladies will certainly enjoy soft, beautifully embroidered and very naughty garter.What's interesting - ladies' stockings were always hidden under the lush petticoats, while the men, in contrast, were always in sight.
In 1900-1914 years in vogue include fantastic fishnet stockings, mostly lace, with different patterns (tendrils, flowers), sometimes these patterns have symbolic value (anchor web).The material for these stockings is mostly silk and fine cotton.Especially considered gladkotkannye elegant stockings with hand or machine embroidery motif certain flowers, birds or with inserts from Brussels lace.Along with these elegant stockings worn stockings sporting character in a cell or strip, which is also sometimes worn and stylish toilet.

In the mid 20-ies of XX century, scientists discovered nylon.He had to replace an expensive silk, which were brought from Japan and China.These countries monopoly, using its exceptional position in the production of silk, wrung him a huge amount, and Europe and America dictated their terms.Over the years, gradually improving stockings: to give them greater strength appears the so-called "French heel" - the main fiber Lisle added in the heel and toe.She was replaced by a "Havana heel," which, in fact, become an analogue of the French.Women began to wear white stockings, the more women's skirts get shorter, the more attention is given to stockings and shoes.
Who stockings - once indispensable clothing for the legs.Any fashionista regardless of your preferred style is to have a wardrobe of even a few pairs of stockings.
Perhaps in man's subconscious forever entrenched that stereotype - Stockings became the symbol of accessibility, flirt, invitation to intimate acquaintance.Of course, when they put on a slender female legs and a short skirt, you can see them a lace edge, no man will be able to remain indifferent and, at least, do not try to meet.