day environmental awareness - World Celebration Day

environmental knowledge is celebrated in many countries around the world in the same day - April 15 each year.This tradition came in 1992, when Rio de Janeiro hosted the United Nations Conference on the Environment.There also was suggested that the strategy for the survival of very important ecological education of society - people must understand what actions lead to the destruction of the planet, and which could save her.In addition, everyone should remember that human needs are growing, and the planet's resources are being depleted, and they should be protected.

This question and April 15 at the conferences and conversations all over the world.In many
countries, environmental education is a priority in education and upbringing.

day environmental awareness in Russia

In our country day environmental awareness began to celebrate a little later - in 1996.It was the initiative of public environmental organizations.On that day, April 15, kicks off an all-Russian action "Days of environmental protection from environmental hazards," and it ends June 5 World Environment Day.

April 15 in schools, libraries and research institutions all over Russia are conferences, seminars, exhibitions, round tables, involving issues of environmental problems, revealing them to the public, reminding them, emphasizing their importance.Spend their holidays devoted to the protection of the environment, schools conduct quizzes, meetings with well-known experts.On this day, a large number of people can learn about environmental societies to which you can join, or promotions in which you can participate.

The objectives of environmental education

spring and summer - the best time for the environmental events, because it is the most active period of clean-up.You should clean the environment from debris that became visible after the snow melts, as well as from the consequences of the summer picnics.

now society must be kept up to date with innovations in the field of ecology and environmental protection, for example, not everyone knows what to do with used batteries - rather than to recycle them, the battery simply discarded and thus poison the land with heavy metals.The priorities of environmental education is also spreading the word about the importance of separate waste collection - if the waste paper and plastic bottles we throw out not in one pile, and in special containers, they are still able to serve the public and not be just burned, poisoning the air with acrid smoke.

All this and it is the Day of environmental awareness in schools, universities, libraries, and city holidays.So scientists and experts are trying to raise eco-thinking person, does not pollute the nature and Caring for her.