course, plays an important role early folklore: tales, epics, sagas, etc.But another essential element that allows to preserve the culture of the people, had its traditions.While there was no written language, knowledge and experience can be transmitted only through personal example.That is the principle of acting: "Do as I do!" Elder shows kids how to hunt, fish, gather edible plants, build a shelter from bad weather, and to keep the Kindle fire, make tools.Along with these vital things, the children were taught how to communicate with their fellow tribesmen, with other tribes, peoples, and how to deal with older and younger.Such training continued fr
om generation to generation.So gradually emerged tradition.
Over time, the tradition became an integral part of life of any nation, its distinctive features.They played a huge role in his oral tradition in fine and applied arts (rock paintings, figurines, ornaments).Later, when there was a written language, traditions just has a very large impact on the work of writers.After portraying the daily lives of people, the authors describe it in its entirety, as she has become, including under the influence of the traditions of this nation!
exceptionally strong influence on the culture of different peoples to (and still continue to have, in some countries) religious traditions.For example, the ancient Greeks and Romans, whose culture was at a very high level, have created many beautiful statues depicting, including nudity.The Christian religion is considered a sin, so with the early Middle Ages and the Renaissance to the naked human body does not depict any scenes or in the form of statues.
Muslim religion is forbidden in general depicts a man in any way, however, in countries where Islam reigned, there were no human portraits or statues.But at the highest level were made of stone ornaments in the form of Arabic script, repeating lines from the Muslim holy book - the Koran.
And in some Eastern countries (eg, Japan, China) is traditionally highly valued the art of calligraphy.Therefore there from generation to generation over many years studied this skill, trying to achieve perfection in writing hieroglyphics ink.