little history

Presumably, the city Teotiukan (City of the Gods), which represented an entire civilization was founded in 100 BC, 1000 years before the rise of the Aztec Empire.Pyramid of the Sun and Moon were built as a sanctuary of the ancient people of the heavenly bodies, which in those days deified - this provides an ancient Aztec legend.But to this day the story can not give an answer to what has been established this amazing city - a kind of ancient religious capital of the Mexican state, which left such an indelible mark on the modern world.

Causes destruction also remains a mystery to historians and archaeologists.Legends of the different interpretations of the events of past years, so many different theories born.But the important factor is the great similarity of the pyramids of the S
un and the Moon with the Egyptian.

Pyramid of the Sun and the Moon

Pyramid of the Sun and Moon are included in a complex where, in addition to the pyramids themselves are located, and other impressive buildings.To get to the Pyramid of the Sun, should pass through the Paths of the Dead central gate.The road has a length of 2 km.The base of the pyramid is equal to the square of the pyramid at Giza and its remaining proportions give more resemblance to the magnificent structure of Egypt.

characteristic feature is an interesting fact: the top of both the Mexican pyramids are on the same level due to the fact that the smaller the size of the pyramid of the moon, a height of 42 m, is located on a hill.The height of the pyramid of the Sun is 64.5 m.

Construction Pyramids of the Moon and the Sun personified a certain philosophy where each individual cell is a symbol of consciousness.This is evident even in the staircase leading to the different levels of the pyramid.For example, the narrow staircase represents the smallest area of ​​the brain in a symbolic cell consciousness.

Tourists on a note

the day of the vernal equinox around the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon performed an ancient ritual.Local shaman calls force personifying the compass, to visit this action.Thousands of pilgrims and tourists just interested in awe watching this sacred process.Those who visited the sacred complex in Teotiukane and participated in the ceremony of the vernal equinox, held at the Pyramid of the Sun, say the feeling of peace and tranquility, to visit them.