There are many colors, revered as symbols of favorable during this holiday.However, it is plum blossom and narcissus - the most popular symbols of prosperity.

Unlike his likeness - cherry color, whose season - mid-spring, plum flower blossoms in the winter cold, even on a branch that seems lifeless, that is the Chinese hope and courage.This is a very important symbol of New Year celebra

tions in China.

Appearing before the leaves and flowers of late winter, filling the air with fragrance of plum branches decorate a vivid color.Plum color - the courage, beauty, hope, purity and prosperity.Cropped flowering branches plum put in a vase to decorate the New Year table - for a fruitful and a good year.

Plum color is present in the Chinese poetry, painting, dancing, and is associated with the beginning of spring in Japan and China.

plum flowers come in different colors: red, pink, white and yellow.But the decoration of the Chinese New Year are all shades of red flowers.

second-important symbol of Chinese New Year flower is the rose, which symbolizes good luck, prosperity and good fortune.Grow it right into the water.It uses a variety of white, which does not require a period of winter cold before awakening bulb.

Chinese believe that if a daffodil bloom exactly at the New Year, it is a very favorable sign for all the next twelve months.

Another reason for the popularity of narcissus - its pleasant scent.

Residents in high places have developed a unique method of growing narcissus, through which the leaves and stems are obtained indirectly, in different shapes and sizes.This method has been used for nearly a thousand years, and it has become popular in other countries.

master of his craft incised flower bulbs so that the green parts of the plant not grow straight and curved.After notching the bulbs dipped in the water "head down" for five days, and then turned over and again immersed in water at a shallow depth, with the surrounding stones.Approximately a month later the flowers appear.