go to court before which is your case, a statement on the extension of the authorization,
In a statement, specify: the name of the people you make it up (Name of judge);from whose name it is (your name, address, passport details and the number of administrative proceedings, if it is already in production).Enter the reason for treatment or subscribe.
Sometimes secretary fills in an application form on their own or on the basis of the available data provided by you.Therefore, after completing the application carefully Secretary Verify all of the information (especially the number and series of passport, and name).If the text of the statement there are discrepancies, ask to reprint it as erasures and corrections
in the text of this document (even certified) are not allowed.
If your business has not yet passed the final registration, according to the Directive № 13 / 21.12.2007 of the RF 9-241MVD, in any case you can extend the permit .Therefore, if your application does not yet have a precise destination, you must first apply for an acceleration of the procedure of the case.
petition shall be addressed to the judge on whose case is under consideration.Enter your full name, passport and other data.Give a reason for treatment.
The application should also be submitted to the court clerk (together with the passport, a copy of the protocol of the offense and the time m resolution, requiring renewal).You can advance to remove their copies of or reliance on this issue Secretary.
your documents will be endorsed by a magistrate who has the authority to extend the temporary authorization (for 1 month) as long as the case is in production.Get permission to update the time in the office of the secretary of the court.