social role is socially necessary form of social activity and by the behavior of the individual.The concept of a social role for the first time it was proposed by American sociologists and Linton Mead back in the thirties of the last century.

The main types of social roles

variety of social groups and relationships in their groups, as well as activities became the basis for the classification of social status.Currently allocated types of social roles, such as: formal, interpersonal and socio-demographic.Formal social roles associated with the position that a person occupies in society.This refers to his family, occupation and profession.But interpersonal roles are directly related to the different types of relationships.This category usually includes pets, rogue leaders.With regard to the role of socio-demographic, it's my husband, s
on, sister, etc.

characteristics of social roles

American sociologist Talcott Parsons identified the key characteristics of social roles.These include: the scale, method of obtaining, emotion, motivation and formalization.As a rule, the scale as determined by the range of interpersonal relationships.Here there is a directly proportional relationship.For example, the social roles of husband and wife have a very significant scale, because it established between them a wide range of relationships.

If we talk about the role of the production process, it depends on the inevitability of this role to the individual.So, as a young man or an old man do not require any effort to acquire them.They are determined by the person's age.And other social roles can be won for a life at achievement of certain conditions.

Social roles may vary and the level of emotionality.For each role is characterized by their expression of emotion.Also, some roles require the establishment of formal relations between the people, the other - informal, while others may combine those and other relationships.

the needs and motives of a man depends on his motivation.Various social role may be due to certain reasons.For example, when parents care for their child, they are guided by a sense of caring and love for him.The head of the works for the benefit of the enterprise.We also know that all the social role may be subject to public evaluation.