Make a list of books from the area of ​​your problem.Visit bookstores or view a catalog of books in the online store.We are interested in authors who write on issues.Rather, they are professionals and experts in their field.
Find blogs authors.Search engines will lead you to the blogs of famous people.
Make a list of professionals to which they refer.Check out the latest recording, make a thematic search on the blog, look for tag cloud.So you can find articles on a narrow topic.And you will see who is the authority in terms of the author's blog.Add these names to your list of authors.
Visit the blog of the first man on the list.Now, your task - to ge
t consultation .Do not do it "on the forehead."The author of the blog does not come to work on the Internet.And he does not you have to.Please look around on the blog, find something in common with your interests.
Praise the author of the blog, join in the conversation.People love their own kind, because in their understanding and support.Please try to understand yourself.The man has experience, support his aspirations.
Ask a question.Do this in the context of a discussion.If you blog published an article that affects your problem, you have a good chance.The specialist will answer the question, if you will find it useful for other blog readers.Proceeding from the interests of the author.
Repeat with the 4th step to the next person on the list.Continue to seek a solution to the problem, until you get an answer.