exact origin story dolls is unknown.The most plausible assumption - Russian Slavic master painted images or concepts of legends.There is speculation that the Matryoshka has Japanese roots.Toy, like a Russian doll, was in Japan, she portrayed an old man with the gray mustache Daruma and consisted of five figures, inserted into one another.The invention form Russian dolls ascribed turner from Moscow, Podolsk VP Zvёzdochkinu in the 1890s and author of the first painting was a professional artist SV Malyutin.Our first matryoshka toy was a children's group: eight dolls depicted girls of different ages, from the oldest (big) girl with a cock up wrapped in baby diapers.There are several theories about h
ow the wooden matryoshka doll has become.According to one version - the name of Matrona at that time was widespread in Russia.Hence Matryoshka.In another version of the manor he served as a Matryona woman, the mother of a large family, a beautiful and stout.Doll turned like a woman.That came to mind masters toy called matryoshka.
The initial scenes of wooden dolls were exclusively female, rosy and full of red ryadili maidens in tunics and shawls, portrayed with their cats, dogs, baskets.With the invention of the lathe, a new way of processing wood - turning.That is how the master made his chiseled Khokhloma dishes - bowls, cups, coasters, salt shakers.Getting started with the manufacture of the smallest matryoshka.Master took little churochku, fix it on the machine, hold the stylus in a special way, grind baby-doll.Then grind the lower part of the second nesting dolls, its top, and so on, until the oldest doll.

This is our culture.And so the likelihood is high that the master carved matryoshka, remembered and knew Russian fairy tales - in Russia often projected myth to real life, to find the truth, you must get to the bottom opening, one after the other, all the "cap-scolding."Perhaps in this lies the true meaning of this great Russian toys as matryoshka - a reminder of the descendants of the historical memory of our people.
Russian nesting dolls are very popular in Europe, especially in Germany and France.At the beginning of XX-th century began a mass removal of souvenir dolls abroad.Matryoshka became our national souvenirs and stepped beyond the borders of our country.Many foreigners who visit our country taken away to his homeland of our Russian doll.