Ā«Remove rentiers - and you destroy the shadow social picture.Paris will lose its characteristics.The observer (a kind of tribe scribblers), wandering the boulevards, will see more of these human-resources that are not moving, looking without seeing, to themselves talk, silently moving his lips, and spend three minutes on it to open and close the lid of his snuff- the observer does not see more of these bizarre silhouettes that fully justify delightful caricatures of Callot, Monier, Hoffmann, Gavarnie and Granville "- once I wrote about this social group, the French writer Honore de Balzac in his funny, satirical" Monographs of the rentier ".In it he describes the fairly extensive field who are rentiers, why and why he classifies their habits, appearance and preferences.And e
xit at the classics that people is so-so - little people, lifeless, obtuse and loose creation of leading a joyless life.


As Balzac, of course, to be trusted, but times have changed so that now more active and happier people than the investor, it is difficult to imagine.It would seem that they spend their lives in idleness, and idleness.However, this is not true.Their idleness often built on a huge and vsepoglaschayuschey love of self that requires tireless care and effort.

It is the love of self is due to their desire to carry out one part of the year on the beaches of the world's oceans, mostly somewhere in Goa, and the other - on the snowy slopes of ski resorts.Especially if the apartment or other property, rent them out, it is in Moscow, where for all ratings, the highest standard of living in Russia.Receives income contemporary Moscow and the rentier enough to purchase real estate in the European countries, which means to replenish their rent.That is, therefore, formed the classic formula: money makes money.So modern rentiers provide themselves and their families at the expense of passive income.

However, it is worth noting that the word rentier these people themselves do not call.Now more popular than another word - "downshifting", denoting as slowing or weakening of any process.In a figurative sense, it is a way of life centered on himself and his family, peace of mind, lagging behind the race for money and career.

However, there is a category of people who are the true modern rentiers they lovers of risky financial transactions, but justify the costs and risks, such as such as part of the profit from the investment of funds in investments, shares or securities.Typically, such rentiers have an analytical mind and a good understanding of the economic and political conjecture, so allow yourself to play on the commodity, currency and stock markets.

become rentiers can be different: someone, for example, can be had inherited money, stocks, real estate, etc.And someone goes to his goal a few years, using, perhaps, not even his, and leased the property of others, surrendering it to the sub-lease, and gradually "expand" their holdings, respectively, increasing the revenue.

course starting formation as a rentier need the sooner the better, because the financial situation of the modern world is highly unstable.You just need to think about the business plan, which will take into account all the risks and begin to realize the dream!