Terms of red thread

According to Kabbalah, tie a red thread around the wrist of the left hand and strike it into seven units must be a close relative or a loving person.It is necessary to read the special Jewish prayer.If the thread is tied on their own or with the help of a stranger, it is, unfortunately, will not contribute to the rejection of negative energy and suspension detractors from its owner.

For the full effect of the red woolen thread have to be bought for money or self-woven.In addition, this thread is better to tie a hand free, so she could not peredavit veins.If these rules are observed - the mascot certainly begin its magical eff

What does the red thread

In the ancient teachings of Kabbalah says that a red thread on her left arm is able to dissipate the form of negative energy directed at her vehicle.With this protection of the person is not terrible evil eye, slander, envious and evil talk behind your back.Followers of Kabbalah also argue that in this way the average person can get by supernatural forces continued support.

red color symbolizes the blood of energy, the sun and life.Therefore, the thread of a color is a talisman that protects human biofield from outside influence and unkind human evil eye.The fact that the thread is made of natural materials (wool), said about the concentration in her natural power, which has a positive effect, getting to guard their master.

According to the teachings of the Kabbalists, this thread should be worn on the left hand, since the external negative energy penetrates the person is on the left side, and a miraculous amulet prevents its occurrence.It is also important that the red thread was tied to the place where detectable pulse.The fact that this wool rope is able to charge a pulsating blood positive impulses that spread throughout the human body.Thus, the owner of the mascot is surrounded by an invisible protective shell - energy field.

addition to protection from negative energy detractors, red amulet is able to contain its owner from negative thoughts and envy, as well as a positive influence on his behavior in society and in his thoughts.This thread sends the man on the right path in life helps to get better, to achieve professional heights, and sometimes cures.