19-20 June powerful typhoon swept across Japan.Typhoon number four, called "Guchol" approached the coast of the country at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour.Mmo country in advance informed of the impending disaster.It was expected that the typhoon hit south-east coast of Japan.

According to weather forecasts, after the Kyushu "Guchol" had to go through the entire central part of the island of Honshu in the north-east.The wind speed on land could reach 35 meters per second.The authorities have warned the public that because of the high probability of a hurricane landslides and flooding due to river flooding.Not recommended unless absolutely necessary to leave the house.

According to meteorologists, it has be
en notified to prepare to evacuate.This post has received more than forty thousand inhabitants in a number of south-western districts of the Japanese island of Kyushu.In addition, the canceled domestic flights more than two hundred ninety voyage trains, passenger ferries stopped moving and made a warning to all owners of private boats.

damage after typhoon "Guchol" was significant, even in spite of all the measures taken.On Tuesday, June 19 in the city of Numazu in Shizuoka Prefecture killed a man of fifty-three years, he was under the rubble of destroyed homes typhoon.In Yamanashi Prefecture, 16-year-old schoolgirl was carried out as a result of the spilled heavy rains and the river is still considered missing.In addition, more than sixty people were injured.

Of the affected area were forced to evacuate one hundred and fifty thousand people, including from areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami in March last year.About a hundred homes are flooded in Hyogo Prefecture in southwestern Japan.After the termination of transmission lines is almost three hundred thousand temporary buildings were left without light.

Meanwhile, Japan was advancing a new typhoon "Talim", which was the fifth tropical cyclone in Asia.He moved to Japan from China.He was expected on the Japanese islands just a day after the last typhoon 'Guchol. "