more simply - a kind of signs - actions or events always precede any specific events.Signs have emerged as a result of human observation and the ability to identify the links between different events and their analysis.On the basis of these arguments people make small projections of further developments.

It is worth noting that many people have their own personal signs.Or the fact that different people interpret the well-known signs differently.

Signs distinguish good and bad.Accordingly, the good signs warn about good events and the bad - of the unpleasant events.Bad omens often referred to as superstition and accept as inevitable, although the nature of good and bad and take the same.

For example, to include a good sign occur in excrement - talk about money, profit.Or when itchy left palm - also for profit, and the right - to greet someone, t. E. To the me


But waking salt - to quarrel with someone from relatives or friends.

If the girl elbow, said that her cute remembered.And when a person starts to hiccup, you also say that someone has a bad word remembered.To stop the hiccups, it is necessary to name the person who you thought.

If outdoors, you nakakat bird - that's for sure or wedding present!

But if the bird beats in your window, trying to fly it - is a very bad sign, they say that it is someone's soul, and that the sign of this - to the deceased.

In Russia, swallows and swifts, there is a very famous sign: swallows fly low above the ground - to the rain.In all other cases, the signs when the swallow flies out the window in the door, in the ventilation shaft or flies out of the house, is regarded as if it were any other Ptah.This is probably due to the fact that in our country there is a shortage of these birds and their nests can be seen on every residential building and not only.Although in other countries by swallows treated differently.In Ireland, this bird belongs to the relatives of the devil, assuming that it has three drops of his blood.In Belgium, the swallow - messenger from the world of the dead, carrying the good news of the dead friends and relatives.And here, in Russia, this bird always improves mood and pleasing to the eye, and it, like a dove, bird of peace and feel good!

Signs - it is always fun and interesting.But to believe in them or not believe - everyone decides for himself.The main thing - trust yourself, your heart.