Victory Day and the national gratitude in Croatia - an official national holiday.The day on August 5 announced the weekend, not running many shops and offices.The country celebrates the end of a grueling 1991-1995 war and the liberation of Croatian territories occupied by Serbs.

The main celebrations take place in the town of Knin, the former capital of the self-proclaimed Republic of Serbian Krajina, destroyed joint military forces in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina during the operation "Storm", or, in Croatian, "Oluya."Morning at the Knin cemetery memorial assigned wreaths and flowers, lit candles, and Knin fortress rises over the state flag.The official ceremony celebrating begins at 9 am and is televised across t
he country.

the main square of the city of Knin is a military parade with the participation of a thousand veterans.It has traditionally been present head of state, prime minister and parliament speaker, as well as leaders and representatives of many Croatian parties, the deputies.Parade memory demonstrates the latest achievements of the armed forces, including tanks and aircraft.After that begin folk festivals, and takes place in the evening fireworks.

military operation "Storm" took place from 4 to 9 August 1995 and led to the deaths of two million Serbs, almost 250 thousand were expelled from Croatian lands.Losses from Croatia amounted to about 180 people, and about a thousand were injured.The decision to celebrate Victory Day and the gratitude of the domestic 5 August took the Croatian Sabor (parliament).In 2008, this date was declared as the Day of the military and the armed forces.Today, Croatia - free democratic republic, and in July 2013 it is expected to join the European Union.