Huns in 345, in medieval Europe invaded the tribes of the Huns, who began to attack the sedentary peoples who lived on the outskirts of the Roman Empire.These were mostly peaceful tribes that were engaged in agriculture, and could not rebuff scalps Huns.People had to leave their land to find new territory and fight less dangerous and warlike neighbors.As a result, and so weakened the Roman Empire began to be attacked by neighboring tribes, constant raids from different sides even contributed to its weakening.

Conquest Huns led to the collapse of the German union of tribes, and Germanic peoples, too, began to move
to the Balkan Peninsula.Huns managed to destroy the state of the Ostrogoths, located between the Black and Baltic Seas.

the V century, Attila the Hun led, which began more serious trips to Europe.Most of the European territory has been devastated as a result of the raids.It was only in 451, the Romans managed to defeat his army, and then the union of several Hun tribes disintegrated.But the Great Migration has already started, there were other invaders who wanted to conquer Rome.Barbarians attacked one after the other, and the Romans did not give them a fitting rebuff.Western Roman Empire fell.

Another reason why the Great Migration, which is often called the researchers, this cooling of the climate and the deterioration of conditions in many areas.Tribes had to look for a more favorable place for agriculture.

migration of peoples

In the middle of the V century through modern Romania moved Slavs, Magyars, Bulgars, Avars and Cumans.Vandals managed to capture Malta, although a few decades the island will belong Ostrogoths.Vandals also won Sardinia.Bavaria from now the Czech Republic began to settle in Bavaria, to be replaced by the Czechs.Other Slavic tribes moved into the Byzantine Empire, which at that time was part of the Roman Empire - its eastern provinces.Lombards moved into the territory between the rivers Danube and Tisza, Bretons settled in Brittany, leaving England.In Scotland, the Scots established their settlements.

in the VI century in Hungary and Austria formed the state accident, and Spain became a possession of the Visigoths.In Bosnia and Dalmatia settled Serbs and Croats.Began movement Ugric peoples, the conquest of the Mongols and the Normans.