This young generation has grown up in an era of rapid development of technology.From an early age they already know the internet, computers, the latest smartphones and tablets.They are often better than their parents are familiar with the peculiarities of the technology and gadgets.These young people communicate in social networks more than via live communication, in this respect they are more closed than their parents, who grew up in the yard games.
They trusted fashion designers, computer geniuses and stars from the screen more than their own parents.Increases the distance between parents and
children, violated the transfer of experience in the family circle.Therefore, the gap in values, and understanding of different generations, though typical of any age, this generation shows through very clearly.
glut of information, not only useful but also harmful, unnecessary, and the lack of a warm interaction in the family leads to negative consequences for the individual.These young people, even when they were students, not young children are incredibly hyperactive.However, this does not mean that they are keen to do as much as possible because of their energy and purpose.On the contrary, their energy is often wasted because of restlessness, inability to concentrate on one thing, the constant switching of attention.
scattered attention helps to ensure that they are able to assimilate the information only for a short time - very short portions.This contributes to the addictive: twitter, social media, comic books - all this teaches young man to receive the information concise, short and very fast.Therefore digest and analyze it, they will in the same way.This leads to problems in the decision-making process, the complexities of working with large text, serious sources of information, data analysis, thoughtful, painstaking work.
Another feature of this generation is that they have grown as a society of consumers.From early childhood, they had no lack of food, no toys, no information or technology.Many parents can provide children with the necessities of life, and even more: they provide for such an incredible amount of goods that these children may not have to.As a result, a generation grows up that is provided to all and can not really deal with challenges to earn their living, to suffer at least some hardships and overcome them.Many of the young people do not even know what did not get what you want.All this leads to greedy consumerism, selfishness and a syndrome of "eternal child" to the irresponsibility and the fact that in the first place is not in favor of human personality, and all kinds of brands.
majority of present and future students will not be able to fully cope with the high school program, or the program and the whole higher education system will adapt to the new conditions of existence.However, with the new educational standards and entered the final examinations in the form of the exam it is already fully corresponds to the new reality.Infantilism and selfishness of young people is based on the promotion of adults: parents, teachers and educators.Therefore, each of them will have to deal with the difficult question of how to grow a new generation.