most striking example of a monarchical dynasty in Russia, perhaps, is the last monarchist ruling family of the Romanov family.They stood in power since 1613, even before the tragic revolutionary events to them on the throne, succeeded each other Rurik.In England, the most prominent monarchist dynasties were Tudors, Stuarts, Windsor.
In accordance with the rules of succession, the current monarch in power for life and gives place to the next heir only in case of serious illness or death.The throne passed from father to eldest son, sometimes a daughter or other close relatives, in the absence of high-ranking official at the direct heirs.In Russia, for example, a period of Peter the Great was a law under which the monarch could pass the throne, is not based on tradition, choosing any de
cent receiver.However, Paul I was able to return to the legitimate right of direct descendants.
Today most monarchical dynasties do not play a significant role in the government, and are symbolic value, demonstrating the loyalty of a people to its many years of tradition.There are countries in which the absolute power of the king is preserved to this day.
most ancient of all existing monarchies considered Japanese monarchical dynasty.Its first representative came to the throne as early as 660 BC, and the present Emperor, Prince Tsugunomiya is 125 reigning monarch.
But the dynasty of the Swedish king is the youngest in the world.Bernadotte ruled the country since 1818, in spite of this family still retains the status of the most stable continuously ruling of the European kings.
There dynasty who underwent restoration.Thus, the Spanish Bourbons ruled the country from 1700 to 1808, after which the line was interrupted and was reopened in 1957.Now the Spanish throne sits semidesyatishestiletny Juan Carlos I, which is far from politics and is only a symbol of the unity of the nation.
most ancient European dynasty is considered to this day nedozhivshaya Frankish Carolingian dynasty, which began its existence as early as the year 751.Regarding age, one can distinguish the world's oldest monarchical dynasty.She is certainly a dynasty of Egyptian pharaohs, which was erected on the throne for more than five thousand years ago.