you need
  • - passport parent or guardian;
  • - a death certificate;
  • - employment history deceased;
  • - certificate of compulsory pension insurance;
  • - child's birth certificate;
  • - marriage certificate or divorce;
  • - certificate of adoption or paternity;
  • - or passbook account with a plastic card.
Make sure that your child is entitled to a pension .It is available to all minors whose kinship with the deceased proved.Adopted children have the same rights as consanguineous.A child can receive benefits from the date of treatment or until they reach 18 years of age.After that the pension ceases to be charged automatically.If the child goes to full-time
training, the payment can be continued after the age of majority, but not more than 23 years.
Starting clearance pensions, collect documents.You will need a passport, marriage certificate or divorce certificate of death, the employment history of the deceased, proof of his salary, as well as documents proving the identity of the child and its family relationship with the deceased.This is his passport, birth certificate, adoption or paternity.
Open a savings account with a book or plastic card in the name of the child or guardian (parent).You can receive labor pension or social .Usually choose the one that more.However, there are some nuances that are important when choosing.For example, if the death was the result of suicide, the child has only laid the social pension and insurance benefits.
Contact the district office of the Pension Fund of Russia.Provide a complete package of documents and a statement on behalf of the guardian (for minors).You will be notified of the application deadlines and the pension.If you have any questions, be sure to ask them to get clarification.In case of impossibility to reach an agreement with the employee fund, advising you to refer to the head of department.
your child stopped receiving pension , but a few months later entered the full-time education at the university?Immediately after the order of enrollment, please contact the District Pension Fund a statement on the resumption of payments.The application shall attach a certificate from the dean's office, stamped and signed by the university rector.Note that the pension should be issued from the date of enrollment, and since the start of the course.Be sure to check the date and in the case of an error ask to fix it.