Tip 1: How to take part in Expo 2012

In 2012, the World Exhibition EXPO held in South Korea.There are several ways to visit it, for both professionals and businessmen, and ordinary citizens.
Purchase a ticket as a visitor to the exhibition.Some Russian travel agencies are preparing a special program of stay for business groups.Such a program offers, for example, the agency "Aerotour."Trip group from ten to 10 days from the hotel, transport to the city of Yeosu, tickets for exhibitions and sightseeing tours will cost $ 3,000 per person.
organize trips independently.In this case, the flight from Moscow to Yeosu Korean Airlines plane will cost you 900 euros.Entrance fee for adults to the exhibition is 28 thousand won, or about 750 rubles.Tickets can be purchased on the internet, on the site, or on-site directly at the box office around the pavilions.But note that you may face a shortage of places in hotels.The solution may be a day trip to the exhibition with a longer stop in a hotel in Seoul.
get a ticket to the Russian exposition is free.It is for those people who are already in Korea, and read in the national language.Each week during the exhibition on the website of the Russian Pavilion held rally invitations.To receive them you need to answer the questions of Russian history and culture.
Visit the exhibition as a journalist.To do this, you will need to obtain accreditation.Get the paper edition of the publication in which you work, that you're writing an article, or make a report about the exhibition.Translate the text in English or Korean.Refer to this paper to the organizing committee of the exhibition.You can contact him by e-mail, on the website of the Expo 2012.Upon receiving a positive response specify the terms of your presence at the exhibition - at what time you will be there, and that can take a picture.

Tip 2: Where and when is the EXPO 2012 EXPO

or World Expo, is one of the most famous in the world.Leading manufacturers are on display their latest innovations and achievements of the country have their own pavilions.Each time Expo held in its new location.
Where and when is the EXPO 2012

In 2012 EXPO held in the South Korean city of Yeosu, selected in 2007.The theme of the exhibition: "The Living Ocean and Coast: Diversity of resources and their rational use".The opening ceremony was held on May 11 and was accompanied by a laser special effects and fireworks.

Russian pavilion is traditionally one of the biggest and most visited.The motto of the Russian exhibition "Ocean and Man - The path from the past to the future."On this basis, the Russian exposition is represented by several major areas: the history of development of the ocean, its current use and harmonious interaction between man and the ocean.

The exposition Russia presented many interesting topics and developments.Thus, the state corporation "Rosatom" has proposed a draft floating nuclear power plant.The company "RusHydro" has shown the development of dedicated energy use of ocean tides and waves.On the unique study of Lake Vostok in Antarctica exhibition tells FGBI "Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute."The researchers were able to get water from the lake, which is under chetyrehkilometrovoy ice shell.Dozens of Russian enterprises and research institutes introduce visitors with its unique developments.

Exhibition selected taking into account the increasing importance of water in human life.Depletion of ocean resources has led to the fact that traditional fishing areas do not provide the high catches of fish typical of the last century.Many countries are faced with an acute shortage of fresh water.Threatening lead contamination of seas and oceans, natural cleaning mechanisms no longer cope with the consequences of the increasing human impacts on aquatic ecosystems.

During the exhibition held several scientific symposia.In particular, the issues related to global warming and the problems of fisheries, is an international ocean forum.Close EXPO 2012 the twelfth of August.

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