demographic curve is formed by adding two components: population growth and reduce it.The increase is a positive sign, and the decrease - negative.The curve can be varied according to various laws.If the population is constantly decreasing, it tends downward, then it is called the downlink.But if the population increases, the line goes up - a rising curve.
population growth rate quite significantly vary from age to age.They are connected, usually with the common welfare of mankind which is dependent on technology.For hundreds and thousands of years, science has slowly and gradually progressed, and her growing world population.The explosive jump in the level of life occurred in the early 20th century, it was then that the level of the populat
ion is very much jumped up.This was followed by two world wars, which not only took away a huge number of human lives, but also stopped the growth of the population in developed countries.
Currently, the natural population growth in countries with high living standards, oddly enough, is not too high.Moreover, if you compare it with the level of mortality, it appears that the demographic curve is downward, that is, the population naturally decreases.Maintain it at the proper level manages via immigrants from other countries, but this method of population increase has a number of disadvantages, so it is kept under control and do not use too active.
generally believed that population growth is directly related to economic well-being of residents.This is partly true, but only up to certain limits.At some point, it appears that economic prosperity is no longer lead to an increase in fertility.Now scientists demographers believe that the birth rate largely depends on the way of life of people and the type of family that forms a large part of society.
For example, the traditional family is characteristic of the people involved in agriculture.Several generations of people living in a big house, a lot of couples have children.The traditional family is favorable, as to support agriculture needs workers, so the birth of a large number of children are vital to the prosperity of the people's business.
At the same time, in modern industrial society a person's income is not related to how much his children.He is much more dependent on what kind of education he was able to get and what skills he possesses.Parenting requires serious financial investments, as they also need to give a good education to ensure a decent future.It - one of the reasons that in developed countries the birth rate is decreasing.
In Russia, the problem lies in the fact that the mortality rate is very high because of the rather strange reasons.In the first place among the causes of death is alcohol.This includes not only health problems due to excessive drinking, but also all sorts of household hassle and accidents that have occurred to the people in a state of intoxication.
Feature protracted demographic crisis in the fact that they have inertial character.If the birth rate is not increased for a long time, the population of the country as a whole is aging, and women of childbearing age becomes much less than the need to ensure the normal level for reproduction.To stabilize the situation, it is required that the number of children per woman on average, has increased quite strongly.