fiscal macroeconomic policies

Fiscal macroeconomic policy is another name for the budgetary or financial.It acts on the main elements of the state treasury, so intertwined with the budget, taxes, expenses and receipts of the state.If we take into account market conditions, it is safe to say that the policy of this kind - is the foundation of all economic policy.However, it also divided into subspecies - it includes tax, fiscal and incomes policy and spending.

The most important task of fiscal policy - find sources and methods of forming the state of monetary funds.Moreover, it is aimed not only funds, but also the means of promoting the objectives of the economy.

Fiscal policy allows public authorities to exercise control and regulation of global processes, based on the c
ountry's economy.This policy is provided to ensure the financing of the public sector and to support the circulation of money at a sustainable level.The most efficient use of industrial, scientific, technical and economic potential is also possible thanks to this policy.

As the state can usefully use fiscal direction?With its instruments it can affect the supply and demand that allows you to act on the economic situation and solve the problems created crisis.

Monetary policy

Monetary policy controls the state money supply and treatment.This is achieved by the central bank or by an independent impact.It is important to understand that this policy affects the money and prices.It is designed to achieve several goals.First stabilizes, it improves the stability and efficiency of the economic system.Secondly, it provides employment.Third, it contributes to overcoming the crisis.Fourth, provide economic growth.If we consider the difference between the policy of the tax, we can say that the specialization of monetary policy is narrower, since it is limited to stabilization of the currency.

The objectives of this policy - the stabilization of prices, the suppression of inflation, regulation of the money supply, the demand and supply of money.

policy of open economy

economic policy of the state is based also on other types of policies.For example, there is a structural and investment.Her goal - the formation of sectoral and regional industrial structure.It also has an impact on the proportion of the production of various industrial products.This policy appears in two versions such as industrial and agricultural.There is also a social policy, whose aim is social protection of people.It keeps track of maintaining decent living conditions and to ensure that priority needs.In terms of the impact of this policy also includes environmental protection.It takes place alongside employment policy and regulatory incomes.