What nation can be considered a great

What generally expressed the greatness of a nation?For some, the concept of "greatness" due to the large area occupied by the nation as well as its strength.Another thinks no greatness without the significant achievements in culture, science, technology.Still others believe that only the nation can be called great, who won many victories on the battlefield.And so on.To some degree, all right.

If we consider the history of the ancient world, without a doubt, great nations can be regarded as the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.The Egyptians created a highly developed civilization, reached great heights in
the exact sciences, especially mathematics and astronomy.To have survived the gigantic structures of ancient Egypt - the pyramid, which now produce a big impression.Build them it would be very difficult, even with modern technology.

enormous contribution to science and culture have brought the ancient Greeks.This nation was relatively small but has given the world a huge number of famous scientists, philosophers, writers, architects, sculptors.For this fact alone ancient Greeks can rightly be considered a great nation.

Rightfully famous for the ancient Romans.Starting with a small area in the lower reaches of the Tiber River, a small tribe of Latins gradually conquered the whole of Italy, and then many of the surrounding areas.As a result, a few centuries there was a huge and mighty Roman Empire.But the Romans have become famous not only militancy.They made a great contribution in different fields of science, culture, introduced the so-called "Roman Law", later became the basis of law in many countries.Therefore, they can be called a great nation.

Why do residents of Russia - a great nation

peoples living in our country, have had to endure severe tests.Mongol-Tatar invasion in the XIII century, the Time of Troubles (early XVII century), the Patriotic War against Napoleon (1812).And in the XX century, their share has fallen a number of serious adversity: Civil War after the October revolution, scrapped a habitual way of life, the repression during the reign of Stalin, the Great Patriotic War, which led to huge casualties and destruction.The Russian people honorably withstood it all broke down, he has not lost its identity and the best human qualities.Therefore, the Russians - a great nation.