There is currently an 8 core versions of the causes of death of a tourist group Dyatlov.Each noteworthy.


In this version it is assumed that the tent turned out to tourists at the site of an avalanche.Once she was under the weight of snow, many of the participants were seriously injured.Trying to evacuate to the surface, young men with a knife cut the wall of the tent.Since warm them in the future there was nothing, then hypothermia participants hiking began to behave inappropriately.


There is a version that in the death of young men and women resulted in the sound effects man-made or natural character.

attack runaway prisoners

However, many scientists reject it because of the fact that tourists were not stolen money or warm cloth

es.In addition, there are no traces of other people around the tent was found.And in winter 1959 in the area of ​​the tragedy shoots prisoners were not identified.

death at the hands of local residents

After interviewing local residents investigators found out that the place where the tourists are located, is completely unsuitable for hunting, so Mansi had no reason to go there.In addition, the locals were very friendly disposed towards any visitors and even offered them lodging.

quarrel between members

This version also has a place to be.That's just cause to doubt her numerous photographs that were made earlier on the road - they are the tourists having fun, and embrace the whole set up is very positive.

Belt Zolotarev

on the scene was found a cloth belt, which was completely devastated.There is a theory that the killer specifically persecuted group to seize the contents of this accessory.All other participants, according to its supporters, were killed as witnesses.

Strike experimental weapons

This is evidenced by the increased activity of some members of the group of clothing found near the wreckage missiles and strange mysterious railway line, which rests directly uphill.

There is also a version that tourists witnessed some secret military trials.Further, the military was a natural death hoaxes.This version is easily explained by brick color corpses torn language of one of the participants, as well as the lack of blood.Probably, they are moved in a frozen state (under split and language), and then washed in a river.

attack spies

There is a theory that some members of the campaign were secret KGB and had to transfer the samples of radioactive material the group of foreign spies.But they in turn uncovered the real activities of young people and decided to destroy them.It is expected that under the threat of firearms tourists were forced to undress and get out of the tent, and then when they were able to organize themselves and to survive in the cold - finished off with improvised means.Perhaps young people and tortured in order to obtain information.

Which of these versions is the most believable, every reader can decide for himself, having studied all the known facts.