Holy Grail in history

Holy Grail - one of the instruments of the Passion, among which was also a sword, a crown of thorns, cross, lance.The cup from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper, later Joseph of Arimathea used to collect his blood after the crucifixion.This relic was first mentioned in the Celtic myths associated with King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.Although the study of Christian origins of this cup they do not have many legends of the Celts associated with the worship of the goddess and have a local pagan character, and she is described as a relic of the sacred meal.The name of the bowl has several translations, "True Blood", "r
oyal blood", "basket of plenty."

Later, these myths have developed and distributed, there were options for Norman.Famous Adventures of the Knights of King Arthur gained a Christian character: they have devoted his life to finding the holy chalice, confident in the fact that Joseph of Arimathea brought her together with a spear in Britain.

later search cup motif appeared in medieval romances: "Perceval or the legend of the Grail", "History of the Holy Grail", "Vulgate Cycle" and others.In some embodiments, this is not the cup, but the stone or sacred relic in a different form.

In the XIX century the Holy Grail suddenly turned up in several cities.About seven cathedrals of Europe announced that they hold sacred relic.And many believe that it is in Turin: in front of the Christian church is a statue of the Faith, which holds the cup, symbolizing, on the proposal of the local people, the Holy Grail.It is believed that it is necessary to look in the direction in which the eyes are looking statue.Possible bowls are in Rome, New York, Genoa, Valencia and other cities.But many Britons believe that the cup rests with the remains of King Arthur and his wife at Glastonbury.

Holy Grail figuratively

Holy Grail was so cherished goal of many of the medieval knights and seekers of relics that today this expression has come to mean any coveted but elusive thing, which can be devoted to the search for life.In some cases, it symbolizes a spiritual search and personal development, others - almost unattainable, impossible goal.In any case, the search for the Holy Grail in which whatever way associated with many challenges, both physical and spiritual, as in all versions of the legend of the cup seekers had to fight evil.