November 18, his name day celebrate Gregory, Timothy and Dorofei.


In tsarist Russia birthday party was more important than the day of birth.The day began with a visit to the church, and ended with a noisy home holiday.

This November 18 the Orthodox world remembers Gregory the Illuminator, who died at the end of the 3rd century - is the day of his memory and name the men, named in his honor.Name Gregory comes from the Greek and means "cheerful."People with this name, try to always and everywhere be correct.They are very sensitive and vulnerable, they are easy to withdraw from the peace of mind, even just by talking to the cold, seemingly indifferent tone.

Gregory always gallant and brought up, and in connection with the natural serenity still balanced.However, he was very sensitive about attempts to take the upper hand over them, and do not tole
rate dependence liability.Perhaps that is why the representatives of the self-fulfilling named best in photography, engineering and journalism.


name Timothy comes from Greek and means "to honor God."In Orthodoxy revered Timothy - a zealous student and employee of St. Paul.It is believed that the owners of the name is very sociable, and therefore have a lot of friends and acquaintances.Such people "soul of the company."He is absolutely not vindictive and do not conflict, and therefore easily fits in any company or team.The paper

Timothy very accurate and never leave things unfinished.It has good leader.Furthermore, it is no problem to adapt to different situations and lance if necessary easily learn a new trade if necessary.


Dorofei never goes impulsively.His actions always thought out and practical.

Name Dorofei, carriers which mark the day an angel in November, comes from Greek and has a value of "gift of the gods."The nature of the representatives of this name is quite heavy and conflict that affects his sociability and friendliness.In addition, they are sufficiently demanding to themselves and others.

Among the positive qualities can be noted the incredible desire for knowledge that allows him to successfully achieve all the goals and aspirations.The owner is very proud of this name.He always jealously watching the successes of others and all the forces trying to surpass their peers, or at least to be with them at the same level.