Key Features

North America is the third area of ​​the mainland.It occupies an area of ​​about 16.5% of land area of ​​the islands more than 24 thous. Km and a population of 529 million people.The population of North America, Eurasia and Africa are superior.The continent is located in the western hemisphere, together with South America, they form one of the parts of the world - America, discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492.


Mainland has rugged coastline and extends farthest north.Due to the long distance in all directions and the nature of the climate of North America are diverse.In addition to the equatorial North America captures all climatic zones and practically all natural zones.


Culture North America mainly European, since the continent was a long time the European colony.Indigenous civilization with its interesting culture disappeared and gave way to settlers from Europe.Historical peoples of North America were the tribes of Mayas and Aztecs and other Native American tribes that inhabited the continent.


Today, North America is made up of a number of developed countries.The main languages ​​are English and Spanish.On the continent there are such countries as the United States, Canada, Mexico, Haiti, Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Jamaica, Cuba and other countries.In the north of Greenland is covered by glaciers and related political affiliation to Denmark, but geographically to North America.


Relief continent represented elevations (mostly in Canada), the Central Plains in the North-American platform and coastal lowlands.


Wildlife continent varied due to different climatic and natural zones.It focused a lot of the most diverse species of plants and animals.The fauna of the middle part of the continent is similar to the same territory of the Eurasian continent.However, there are many animal and plant species that are found only in North America.Recently, however, because of the fishing populations of some species, especially the fur of animals decreased.In the central part is dominated by species of tropical plants and animals.