second unofficial name of the country of Ecuador - the country reserves.This name was given by chance, because the country is a lot of stunning parks and natural areas, which are home to amazing animals.

Ecuador is the smallest country in the Andes and South America.

Ecuadorians are known in the world as suppliers of bananas, fish, exotic flowers, and they export rice, coffee, cocoa and oil.

Ecuadorians are loyal to the representatives of sexual minorities (homosexuals).At the same time, Ecuador is strictly prohibited abortion.

In Ecuador, valid passport of the citizen of the world.

The country inhabited by poisonous frogs.For example, frog poison dart frogs live in the rainforests of Ecuador.

Ecuadorians love to play soccer (this is the

main sport in the country), and can not imagine my life without Coca-Cola.

official currency of Ecuador - the US dollar.

Castigliano and Quechua - official languages ​​in Ecuador.

Residents of Ecuador know how to handle weapons, because only civilians were about one hundred thousand gunshot harness.

Ten percent of Ecuadorians suffer from diabetes.

Although at the beginning of the last century in Ecuador abolished the death penalty, the thief can burn at the stake, and in our days.

to travel to Ecuador do not need a visa, in the country visa-free regime.

The state allowed prostitution.If someone wants to use the services of prostitutes, it is simply to ask, where is the nearest nightclub.

Ecuadorians - people are passionate.They have a sign: for one day have to have sex to someone bitten beetle alligator, not to die.

Locals believe that Eldorado (country gold) was just in Ecuador.Perhaps this is because there are deposits of emeralds, gold and silver.

Ecuadorians biggest holiday - the Independence Day of the country.