In the forties of the European soldiers began to bring the spoils of war, among them a lot of clothes, already outmoded in the West.She served as the basis for the image of those dudes years.

dangerous, but it was widely used appeal to the black marketeers, or foreigners who gladly traded clothes for hipsters on Russian souvenirs.If shtatnik (so named dudes themselves) knew the right people, with wardrobe problems had not arisen.

Since the Soviet Union at the time established contacts with many countries have created their mods countries - suppliers of clothing.The bright Hawaiian shirts were brought from Cuba.A well-known ties with painted dragons and monkeys were products from China.

dudes, these fans all motley, bright, and even abstract, finding the right things in the s
tores themselves sat at the sewing machine.Such clothing called "samostrokom."From under the hands of skilled craftsmen went wide pants, baggy jackets, skirts, or dresses that emphasize the girlish figure.

material for clothes mined varied.For example, the pants were made of tent canvas.Dresses can be shortened or simply to take in, so they completely encircle the body.

After the Soviet Union showed a film "Girl of My Dreams" and "Sun Valley Serenade" dudes started wearing sweaters with the image of deer.And there was nothing easier than to tie a sweater yourself.

with shoes it was more difficult.If the boots were several kinds of material, for example, suede and leather, it is considered good taste.Light rubber sole is very thick - the dream of every dudes.But these shoes were not everyone can afford, and shtatniki found a way out: to ordinary shoes are glued foam or rubber.

While stockings with arrows were expensive.And once they were in the way of a compulsory set for women - dudes, ladies got out as best they could.And drew an arrow with a pencil directly on the legs.Simply

was the case with elements such clothes as white socks.Girls buy them in Soviet stores.Fortunately, they are also to be found in the assortment of the time.

all kinds of accessories that complement the image of the Dandies, battered at flea markets or foreign visitors.Some ladies looking at fashion magazines, making brooches, ribbons, bracelets with their hands.

It solved the problem of the Soviet wardrobe dudes.Any bright thing immediately notice on the counter and buy.And if it was not possible to buy a ready-made outfit, he worked for yourself.