People not only can talk coherently, but also engaged in creative work, feel remorse, pondering the meaning of life.No other living creature, even the most highly developed, it is not capable.In other words, people - a kind of spiritual phenomenon.
great Greek philosopher Socrates is credited with the words: "Know himself!" He believed that the only way people can be wise, to understand why they come to this world as to live.This call is relevant today.Only a person, unlike other creatures, able to ask questions: "Who am I?", "What is my role in this world?", "Why am I here?" A person can experience a sincere delight at the sight of the beautiful creations of nature or man-made monuments.He is able to selflessly help others, thirst of know
ledge, forcing him to learn something new and expand their horizons.This is the foundation of his spirituality.
man, unlike the animal, given the opportunity to think, to analyze their actions and their likely consequences.Other creatures are guided in their behavior instincts, reflexes, and only in very rare cases, they have found some signs of intelligence.Their behavior is completely subordinated to the main task: to survive in the fierce struggle for existence and to continue their family.Man is able to be guided not only by considerations of personal safety, the benefits of well-being (for himself and for his family), but also consider the interests of others, go to the self-restraint for the common good.And not only out of fear of possible punishment but also because he considers it correct.
Only man is given the ability to choose.On the basis of education, moral qualities, ideas about what is acceptable and what is not, it is often asked: what to do in a given situation?Man is able to rise up against evil and injustice, even if it could threaten his interests and life itself.Just because conscience tells him so - the same "inner voice", which is an integral part of human spirituality.
truly spiritual person feels responsible not only for themselves and their loved ones, but for all his people, the state of our planet.After all, the Earth - our common home, and many of the issues (eg, environment) are of global importance.