To return maiden surname , you need to apply to the Registry Office, which was issued a marriage certificate.It is usually issued in the department at the place of residence of one of the spouses.
The Registry Office need to bring the following documents:
- own birth certificate;
- certificate of divorce or death certificate of spouse;
- birth certificates of minor children.
Employee Registry Office will ask you to write a statement in which they will need to specify:
- own name , name, addresses of registration, date and place of birth, marital status and nationality;
- Full name and date of birth of minor children;
- a series of numbers and certificates of marriage or divorce, previously issued;
- a series of numbers and birth c
ertificates of minor children;
- surname , you want to return;
- the reasons for the change of surname.
Your application will be considered by officers of the registry office within one month.However, if you file an application for change of name is not in the Registry Office, where you were issued a marriage certificate, but in any other, this period is increased to three months.This is due to the fact that employees of the department first sends a request to the registry office where the marriage was registered.And only after the response to the request begins consideration of the application.
When the time limit is over, you will be given a certificate of change of name.The birth certificates of minor children will also be made to the data on the new mother's surname.
obtain a certificate of change of name, you need to apply for a start to the passport office for the manufacture of a new regular passport.
then you need to change all your existing documents on hand: TIN, pension insurance certificate, health card, driver's license, passport and so on.