Civil War

War originated in South Vietnam.This was due to the beginning of the struggle for independence of local residents.With the end of the XIX century, Vietnam was under French colonial rule.Have you seen politico-military organization, including underground, expressing their dissatisfaction with the situation.One of them was the League for the Independence of Vietnam, established in China and known as the Viet Minh.The key role it has played a Vietnamese politician Ho Chi Minh proclaimed September 2, 1945 the independence of the whole territory of Vietnam.Then there was created an independent Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

France could not allow the acquisition of Independence of Vietnam, particularly in the period of rivalry with another colonia
l power - Britain.In 1946, France began the colonial war in Vietnam.Connect and the US, which began to actively support the French colonial empire.On the other hand, the Viet Minh received the support of the People's Republic of China.Battle of Denbefu has meant that the French Empire was defeated.Geneva Accords were signed, of which Vietnam was divided temporarily demilitarized zone in the North and South.The reunion was planned after the general elections.However, South Vietnam, headed by Ngo Dinh Diem declared that he did not intend to carry out the Geneva agreement, which meant the abolition of the general election.Diem announced the referendum, the results of which became the Republic of South Vietnam.The fight against the Diem regime resulted in the emergence of Viet Cong (NLF).Diem could not resist the NLF guerrilla movement.As a result, he was deprived of power and killed.

full-scale American intervention

beginning was the clash of the USS "Maddock" with North Vietnamese torpedo boats in the Gulf of Tonkin.The consequence of this was the adoption by the US Congress "Gulf of Tonkin Resolution", which gives the US the right, if necessary, to use military force in Southeast Asia.During this period, the situation in the South Vietnam is poor.In Saigon, constantly changing the government, which could not but affect the promotion of the NLF.Since March 1965, after the US sent to South Vietnam, two battalions of the Marine Corps, it was possible to assume that America has become a full participant in the Vietnam War.In August of the same year it took place the first battle with the Americans, called "Operation Starlight".

1968 Tet offensive and Easter

During the Vietnamese New Year (Tet) in 1968 launched an offensive force North Vietnam to the South, including the capital, Saigon.North Vietnamese Army and NLF suffered heavy losses, received a rebuff in the face of the US-South Vietnamese troops.1969 marked a new policy of the United States - the so-called policy of "Vietnamization."Its purpose was a rapid withdrawal of US troops.It began in July and continued for three years.Another milestone in the war was the Easter offensive, which began March 30, 1972.North Vietnamese troops attacked in the South.For the first time the North Vietnamese army was reinforced by tanks.Despite the conquest of North Vietnam of the South in general, his army was defeated.Negotiations between North Vietnam and the United States, which resulted in the signed January 27, 1973 Paris Peace Agreement, under which the United States withdraw its troops from Vietnam.

end of the war and its consequences

began the final stage of the war, during which the North Vietnamese troops launched a large-scale offensive.Within two months, they are getting to Saigon.April 30, 1975 to raise the banner of the Independence Palace in Saigon, signifying the victory of North Vietnamese troops and the full end of the war.One of the main consequences of the war in Vietnam was increasing the public opinion of US citizens on foreign policy of the country.There are new movements, in particular, hippies, oppose such pointless and protracted wars.Later there was even such a thing as the "Vietnam syndrome", the essence of which was the failure of citizens to support such military campaigns abroad.